Vanalaya – Organic Products Directly from Nature

Vanalaya – Organic Products Directly from Nature

“Purity is what we need in our meals. Everyone knows that food products contaminated or treated with chemicals have a long shelf life and are readily available at very cheap prices.”, says Mr. Vijay R Vittal, the founder of Vanalaya. “These food products are, actually, quite hazardous for our bodies and reduce our chances of living a healthy life.”

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Vanalaya which means ‘the forest’ is a company that provides 100% organic products. It was created for the people who love and deserve good quality and is dedicated to its loyal users by providing the highest quality products.

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The Founder

The company was founded by Vijay Ranga Vittal, an avid fitness innovator, and entrepreneur with 3 years of experience in business leadership, to make pure natural products without any harsh chemicals and pesticides. The founder, Mr. Vittal has a Master’s Degree in Pharmaceuticals and a rich experience of 2 Years in the Pharma Industry and 3 Years in product Development and Retail Trade. Outside of business hours, he keeps himself physically fit and active by running. He spends his leisure time reading and listening to podcasts.

FOUNDER: Vijay Ranga Vittal
The Brand Vanalaya

Marking its establishment in the year 2017, the brand was started with the idea to produce Pure A2 Gir Cow ghee. “When it comes to choosing ghee from a wide range of variety, best preference could only be Gir ghee obtained from the Gir cows.”, Mr. Vittal elaborates his idea. “The protein found in the Gir ghee is highly beneficial for our body and skin. It’s the purest form of ghee one can ask for. The magnificent taste, splendid aroma, beautiful color, etc. are a few among the plethora of benefits.”

Organic Product Range

Known for its Organic Ghee and organic food products, the brand Vanalaya promises 100 percent pure, fresh, hormone-free, and preservative-free products. The ghee and whole-food products are entirely free from any adulteration. “Non of the products that we provide at Vanalaya are treated with chemicals so they are 100% preservative-free and safe to apply on the body and for consumption.”, Mr. Vittal says. “

In the following years, many food products like honey, coffee, and tea were introduced to the list of products available. With the growing demand for skin care products in the market, Vanalaya has introduced chemical-free and preservative-free skin and hair care products.

The range of products includes food and skincare products developed by a team of food enthusiasts and cosmetologists focussed on the health and beauty of the end consumer.

The products can be found and purchased by visiting the website and also through marketplaces Like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. The company is currently exporting the products to Arabian countries and Malaysia.

In the coming future, the company will be focusing on the expansion of the business. “We want to grow our businesses by adding new product selection and soon we will be partnering with new vendors for procurement and distribution of production.” Mr. Vittal says.

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Initial Challenges

Speaking about the challenges that the company came across during the initial days of business commencement Mr. Vittal asserted more on financial factors. “I knew that the finances play a major role in the growth of any business but understanding the financial methodology is a real challenge. If not done right, this can affect the revenues severely. 

Six years of experience in building and growing a business has given me a better understanding of the importance of finance in enterprise development.”, he says. “We had to speak to a lot of customers and consultants to bring and develop new products. Initially, it was tough as we had to do the research, develop products, and also do the routine business work to sustain the organization. Naturally, I was working overtime and had to wake up early so that I get a head start in the business.”

Ensuring best quality products and customer satisfaction

The QA executive and a consultant monitor the production facility and inspect the products for any defaults in the production process. The products are tested in third-party labs so that the customer get the best products. “Our process is optimized to detect the discrepancies and if found any, we try to unearth the root cause of the problem by finding the source of the ingredient and the process involved during the production process.”, explains the founder. “

Customer satisfaction is another criteria that the company strives to achieve. The team ensure that each customer is satisfied with the products purchased by ensuring the best quality during production. In case the customer is not satisfied with the purchase, a ‘no questions asked’ refund policy remains in effect for the customers.


Choose Vanalaya

Vanalaya assures you that you will get the best quality and 100% pure products. Once you buy anything from Vanalaya you would want to come back again and again. Vanalaya products are produced without any harmful additives. Each product keeps your skin and body healthy as each ingredient is studied to ensure that they are safe for human consumption and also safe for the skin.

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