Rapid Organic:  For a Rapidly Growing India

Rapid Organic: For a Rapidly Growing India

A leading producer, processor, and exporter of organic food within the state of Rajasthan and surrounding areas, Rapid Organic is a steadily evolving and reliable brand for organic food. Based in Sanchore (Jalore, Rajasthan, India), Rapid Organic maintains a high standard in organic farming and is desired as a trusted friend for the farmers.

By encompassing the virgin landscape, the venture is assertively propagating organic farming in the regions with a vision to support local farmers by converting their land into organic agricultural land and to build a sustainable market for organic products.

Spreading Organic Happiness Among Farmers

With its strong roots that are 12 years old now, Rapid Organics is practicing organic farming since 2010 and currently working with more than 3000 organic farmers. Over 12000 farmers are in the stage of conversion from normal to organic farmers.

Sparing no effort to achieve its motto, the company is all in for “Organic Business with Farmers Happiness”

The venture is always available for the upliftment of farmers. Mr. Yogesh Joshi, the Director of Rapid organic makes constant efforts towards this endeavor. “We want our farmers to gain mastery over the art of organic farming with limited resources available to them so that they can rise economically and branch out into individual entrepreneurship. We also offer farmers as much support as possible concerning medical camps, tech, and agri support.”, he said.

IPM & PR Free Farming

Rapid Organic is one of the leading producers of IPM & PR-free organic products. Explaining the abbreviations, the Director, Mr. Yogesh Joshi said, “Integrated Pest Management and Pesticide Residue-free farming are terminologies used to describe the aggregated measures taken to restrict the use of pesticides and chemicals used at farm level.” He also emphasized the benefits of IPM & PR-free farming. “ It is done to treat the crop and environment naturally. It’s beneficial for the farmers also as they fetch higher prices considering the extra efforts needed for practicing the same and buyers get the best quality of products.”

Reasonable Price

Providing reasonable prices to the esteemed clients and the farmers alike is one of the fortes of the company. The company’s processing unit is equipped with machinery that converts the unprocessed material to finished goods. This setup plays a crucial role in maintaining and regulating the cost of the final output. “The farmers receive the best premium price for their products and we provide the reasonable price to our esteemed clients.”

Best Quality and Services

The director believes that the only way to retain the customers and clients is to provide them with quality products and services. “We ensure that the products we are delivering are second to none. We believe in consistency and value for money, These two parameters have provided us the distinguished profile in the Organic industry.”, he says.

The company quotes the best prices once the products list with exact quantity is intimated by the client. If prices are agreed, a purchase order is generated by the buyer against which the company releases a pro forma invoice with the best available logistics facility and lastly, proceeds for delivering the material at the shipping address.

Why invest in Rapid Organic

  • Rich experience in the organic food industry with the most reliable, trusted, and active field network levers the company to produce excellent quality organic products.
  • A very strong farmer base as the company has been associated with them for a very long time.
  • With the wide range of organic products of the best quality, the company keeps total transparency regarding product quality, test reports, and certifications.

Awards and Achievements

It’s always a special feeling when you get recognized for the efforts you put into work. Rapid Organic has won several awards at the state as well as national level. Some of them are mentioned below:


  • International Glory Award 2021, Naryani Nam Award 2021,
  • Direct Farmer Linkage award 2019,
  • India SME 100 Award 2019,
  • Jaivik India Award 2018, and many more.

Mr. Yogesh Joshi is a humble and erudite personality. He is a science graduate and the father of two beautiful daughters. His hobbies include farming, social service, music, cricket, and reading.

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