Sacred Weaves-The Elegant form of Banarasi Sarees

Sacred Weaves-The Elegant form of Banarasi Sarees

Saree as per Sacred Weaves is the most authenticated dress of Indian female section and is worn as casual and formal wear across the nation in abundance. Gaining popularity among females in india as well as foreign countries, saree leaves an indispensable influence on a lady’s life. 

They are the most well-known decision for Indian ladies and are favored thinking about Indian qualities, ethics, and convention. Banarasi Saree is a graceful variant of sarees that an Indian lady pines for ownership. For quite a while, Banarasi Saree has been a significant piece of the ‘Indian lady of the hour closet’ and once in a while neglects to compliment a lady, making her vibes sensitive. Varanasi (or Banares) is one of the most plausible sources of silk handloom weaving in India. The most celebrated result of Varanasi’s handlooms is the Banarasi silk saree, which is most sought after in weddings, not just as a marriage dress but an epic outfit to wear anywhere.

Sacred weaves vision

Sacred Weaves trek through meadows of exquisite weaving of Banaras Handloom to add more grandeur to the glow of “The Women Beautiful” & the place she walks. The company acknowledges that the Trousseau of an Indian woman is considered incomplete without exquisite handloom fabric. Keeping the authenticity alive, the company produces a fabric which is woven using the age-old tradition of Varanasi with intricate designs. The delicate and gorgeous Banarasi Sarees & Fabrics are designed and manufactured using unmatched quality of yarn, motifs designed by us & dyes that are eco-friendly.

Banaras, the city more seasoned than time itself is the home of this Banarasi saree manufacturing company.  For more than five decades, the Shah family has protected and built up the hundreds of years old Banarasi weaving convention. 

Sacred weaves was founded by Mrs. Shruti Gupta Shah to revive the Indian handloom again by promoting the craftsmanship to each & every national & international customer. The new generation has now assumed control over the reins to rework, rehash and speak to this delightful work of art.

Sacred Weaves make our heritage alive by making genuine & pure products, which can be passed on through generations, a mother to a daughter and to her daughter & many more generations afterwards. Hence the company weaves and promotes the products and fabric that are sustainable.

The mission is to bring back the excellence of Banaras to each family’s assortment and this would not be conceived without the tender love, care, and reasonable valuing.

Put together in attractive shades, the Banarasi sarees of India are so renowned today that they are sent out everywhere throughout the world. Covering the Indian market and few overseas countries, Sacred weaves works on national & international basis.

On the international level sacred weaves mostly deals in the U.S , Australia, Canada &Mauritus. The company is planning to take part in exhibitions in future so that the sacred products reaches each & every part of this nation & they find it’s place in untouched international market.

Sacred weaves deals in Pure silk Banarasi Sarees & Banarasi Dupattas. Mostly Katan silk, tussar silk, cotton silk, kora silk, moonga silk &khaddi silk are used in manufacturing the baranasi sarees.

Beautiful designs & patterns used on sarees involves patience, dedication, special skills, and hard work which reflects in the fine, detailed and elegant karigari of the sarees. It ranges konia to paithani, shikargah to brocade, uppada to bandhej and to rangkat.

The zari threads, derived from alloys of gold and silver are very expensive. These zari threads are woven with high-quality pure silk threads resulting in high quality Banarasi sarees. The weaving process is very laborious and often consumes weeks or even months.

Considering these factors, the original Banarasi sarees tends to be costly. The extravagant collection of Sacred Weave sarees ranges from Rs. 10000/- to Rs. 90000/-. The prices are genuine and every saree is far more worth the price. Touching the sky heights the average yearly turnover of the company is near about 10 crore, which is remarkable considering it’s age and reach.

Several brands are adopting sustainable fashion in India. Sacred Weaves is one such brand. It is constantly promoting the use of sustainable fashion with it’s handcrafted pure Banarasi Silk Sarees. 

One of the costliest variants of Banarasi saree, and a perfect example of sustainable fashion is this ongoing scope of Shikargah Brocade Pure Katan Silk Banarasi Saree which was worn by Famous folk singer character Padmashri Malini Awasthi, on her special day, in Civil Investiture Ceremony, at Rashtrapati Bhavanin New Delhi.

Regardless of whether it’s on-screen or off-screen, Folk singer Padmashri Malini Awasthi has constantly made a genuine style explanation with her appearances. While she looks just astonishing in each conventional wear, she looked absolutely dazzling in the pink Shikargah Brocade Pure Katan Silk Banarasi Saree from Sacred Weaves.

For Sacred Weaves, customer satisfaction is the primary policy. The customer service team does the video calls with the customers so that their queries related to the saree or dupatta are resolved and they are satisfied with the product even before the purchase.

The company also focuses on the services related to the product after purchase until it reaches safely to its owner and its on-time delivery. If somehow, the product is found to be defective in checking, then the full amount is refunded or if any product founds to be defective afterward, it can be exchanged.

As sacred weaves deals only online so they advertise & promote all their products on all social media platforms i.e Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest etc. If you are interested in sustainable fashion, visit the pure silk Banarasi Sarees collection at to check out the wide range of fabrics.

Sacred weaves is different from its competitors in different ways like authenticity, genuineness & the pure products that it offers to the customers, for which it take the full guarantee.

Regardless of whether you go for banarasi sarees or dupatta, they are an absolute necessity to have in your closet. Seeking approximately 410 hours of brilliance and sheer endeavor of the highly talented artisans, a banarasi saree demonstrates the knack of the weavers.These sarees represents your world-class taste and are fit for any occasion, special or ordinary, when you wear one of them. Let praises stream as effectively as your grin.

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