How Bun Maska is Influencing Modern Food Trends

How Bun Maska is Influencing Modern Food Trends

Bun Maska encapsulates the sheer delight found in simple, comforting foods when topped with butter. It’s inspiring to see how a brand’s dedication to innovation is shaping new trends within the food industry.

The inception of Bun Maska is the manifestation of RAJAT CHANDNA’s passion for innovation and experimentation during the recent Pandemic in 2020. “The idea to open Bun Maska came to us during the lockdown when we were searching for different varieties of food items to cook with at home”, Mr. Chandna shares the inception story. “Butter segment has always been dominated by one player and, consequently, there has been no innovation in that space for a long time. That was our cue and we didn’t hesitate to take the ride.”

Always fascinated with making new sumptuous dishes, Rajat started experimenting with his culinary skills with Gourmet butter with a motive to give Indian breakfast and salads a “flavor”, All that A Bun needs! “That’s where I found my way to cater to the Indian society and that’s where Bun Maska actually comes into place,” Rajat adds.

Bun Maska’s product range includes Gourmet butter and also a wide range of culinary sauces for domestic and HORECA industries. It’s Bun Maska’s mission to offer healthier alternatives of condiments by using real ingredients and offering a gourmet taste from around the world with a homely twist.

It’s Not just a Name, It’s Convenience

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and Rajat thought why not sprinkle it with a dash of excitement. “That’s why we thought of naming our company on the name of one of the most famous breakfast dish “Bun Maska” (convenient food)”, he says. Being a professionally qualified and trained chef from a leading University in Switzerland, Rajat knew the drill. He introduced flavored butters such as Garlic & Fresh Herbs, Sundried Tomato & Olives, Pesto & Walnut and Bacon butter for non-veg lovers. “We wanted to provide different options to consumers to choose from and make home cooking easier and faster. We have since then expanded our product line to include Hot sauces, Salad Dressings, Chinese Sauces, Italian Sauces and many more.”


Dedicated Customer Service

“Effectively communicating with the clients is what helps us grow. We actively seek and implement customer feedback as it helps us understand their needs and preferences better. We have our customers’ best interest at heart and by addressing their concerns and consistently delivering satisfactory experiences, we earn and retain their loyalty,” Rajat says.

“We have a customer care service helpline available from 10 am to 7 pm from Monday to Saturday and you can write us at [email protected]. We have a dedicated team to solve the issue within 48 hours as customer satisfaction is the key motive of our business.”

Hygienic Production Environment

The company promises to maintain the highest safety and hygiene measures during production and delivery and ensures the highest product quality and customer satisfaction. “ We ensure that all team members are properly trained in food safety and hygiene practices. This includes understanding proper handwashing techniques, food storage procedures, temperature control, and cross-contamination prevention,” Rajat enlightens about hygiene measures at the company. “We do regular rounds to ensure cleanliness, proper storage of ingredients, and adherence to safety protocols. We have also implemented strict cleaning and sanitization protocols for all equipment and surfaces in the kitchen. And I assure you that Bun Maska’s team always operates at the highest standards of hygiene and safety,” Rajat diligently promises.




Bring Buttery Bonus with Bun Maska

Rajat’s experience with some of the world’s leading hotels has allowed him to innovate with new global flavors, combining them with the comfort food concept inherent in Bun Maska.

Brand’s approach not only honors the regular Indian traditions but also infuses them with a touch of modernity. The company has built a unique brand identity by focusing on intellectually flavored and gently infused butter, that complements a wide range of food items, especially breads. Bun Maska’s products satisfy the cravings of customers across India who seek that homely and comforting food experience and relive the buttery nostalgia. Indeed, there’s a world of happiness to be found in the richness and flavor that Bun Maska’s buttery delights bring to various foods.

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