Avit Lifestyle Marks a Decade and a Half with Hästens: Enhancing Sleep Experiences in India

Avit Lifestyle Marks a Decade and a Half with Hästens: Enhancing Sleep Experiences in India

In a landmark celebration of luxury, innovation, and design, Avit Lifestyle commemorates its 15-year partnership with the world-renowned Swedish brand, Hästens. This milestone symbolizes more than just a collaboration; it represents a shared journey towards redefining the essence of luxury living in Indian homes, with a focus on unparalleled comfort, bespoke craftsmanship, and sustainable elegance

Avit Lifestyle, with its foundation deeply rooted in the principles of adding value, innovation, and trust, has seamlessly blended functionality with high-end design to meet the evolving needs of the Indian market. The partnership with Hästens, known for its exquisite handmade beds, has been a cornerstone of Avit Lifestyle’s mission to introduce high-end interior solutions to the discerning Indian market.


Rajesh Dewani, MD Avit Lifestyle, shares, “Our collaboration with Hästens was always more than just bringing another luxury product to India. It was about introducing a lifestyle where minimalism and functionality are not just design principles but a way of living. Fifteen years into this journey, we are proud to see how this philosophy has resonated with our clients.”

Neelam Dewani, MD Avit Lifestyle, “Our collaboration with Hästens was born out of a shared vision to offer not just a product, but an experience that elevates the everyday. Over the past 15 years, we’ve seen this vision come to life, transforming bedrooms across India into havens of comfort and luxury.

About Avit Lifestyle:

Avit Lifestyle, a distinguished division under the parent brand AVIT Digital Pvt Ltd, was conceptualized in 2009, marking its unique position at the crossroads of audio-visual technology and luxury interior design. With a philosophy that every piece of furniture should be as functional as it is beautiful, Avit Lifestyle offers a one-stop solution for functional furniture, bringing together exclusive and unique pieces from around the world.

Among the curated brands is Koinor, a leading German brand celebrated for its functional sofas that blend innovation with exceptional craftsmanship.

About Hästens:

Hästens, a Swedish heritage brand established in 1852, is renowned for its exceptional handmade beds. Using only the finest natural materials, like Horse hair, Cotton, Flax, wood, Steel, Pine wood etc. Hästens is committed to providing people around the world with extraordinary beds and the best sleep possible.

The mission of Hästens is to ensure that every person who sleeps on a Hästens bed wakes up rested and restored, ready to achieve their dreams, as the best version of themselves.

Since 1852, six generations of master craftsmen have pursued perfection and built Hästens beds with only the finest materials, taking pride in every single bed they make.

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