Elegance in Fashion, Sejal Kamdar’s Understated Style

Sejal Kamdar, the creative force behind Sejal Kamdar Designs, comes from a family with a
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Why everyone, everywhere is wearing pearls right now

Pearls have been a timeless classic in the world of fashion for centuries. From the
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What is sustainable fashion and why is it so important

Sustainable fashion is a relatively new concept that is gaining traction in the fashion industry.
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Does using a conditioner after every hair wash make sense?

A conditioner’s creamy texture spreads evenly on hair strands and rinses like butter. But in
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Iki-Chic Flaunt the Absolute Panache

A brand that is all about fashion, comfort, luxury, and exclusive design. Coming together with
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AACHHO | Best Ethnic Outfits | Since 2018

Life is nothing short of a celebration, and every outfit you wear must be a
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