AACHHO | Best Ethnic Outfits | Since 2018

AACHHO | Best Ethnic Outfits | Since 2018

Life is nothing short of a celebration, and every outfit you wear must be a reflection of that spirit. In the land of festivals, Aachho- a new-age ethnic fashion brand, has incorporated an element of celebration into its designs striking a perfect balance between subtle and statement. Based in Jaipur, it is a creative fashion outlet that offers hand-picked unique and high-quality products.

Aachho is a way to discover things you love, therefore, it strives to provide the users with exceptional products. It brings together traditional craftsmanship with a contemporary twist to recreate the charm of traditional art for those who wear and admire elegance, class, and culture. The company is enchanted by elegance, finds joy in uniqueness, and believes in quality.

The Journey of Our Ethnic Brand – Aachho

Initially, while doing the research, Aaccho’s founders Rimjhim Hada and Anurag Singh Khangarot learned the rich cultural heritage of vibrant and colorful crafts & skills that Rajasthan celebrates with the world. As a result, they came up with the word-mark “Aachho”. The terminology reflects the belongingness of Rajasthan and the regional Marwari word means “Too Good”. Idea was to take inspiration from the ancient craft of hand block printing to add an edge to their silhouettes.

In 2018, the company launched its website www.aachho.com. The entire
research- inception, and planning related to business-all were done in Mumbai.
Later, the base shifted to Jaipur where the plan was initiated and executed. To ensure superior quality, most of the processes are held in-house, right from Dyeing, Printing, Manufacturing, Quality check, and Finishing. This provides an opportunity to empower a lot of talent locally and help the minor community.

The Founders

The vehement partners, Rimjhim Hada and Anurag Singh Khangarot incorporated Aachho, bringing luxurious ethnic wear for classy and chic clientele. The initiative brings all the beautiful Indian ethnic and handcrafted products direct from artisans all over India, unifying the rich diversity in the Indian style of clothing.

On the education presence, Rimjhim is a software engineer from SRM University, Chennai, a coder, and had worked with MNC. Anurag is a Masters’s in business management from Pune and digital marketing from XLRI, having vast experience in
e- commerce and payments. The combination of their interests and expertise led to seed the idea of Aachho.

The Inspiration

Fascinated with beautiful heritage palaces, forts, memorials, museums, and cultural diversity, Anurag finds his inspiration in rich Indian Culture. He had travelled most of the heritage properties and love to explore forts and palaces. The anecdote of Rimjhim’s inspiration ways back to her college days where she marvelled and designed ethnic attires from her Mom’s bandhej / lehriya Saari collection, making masterpieces of the traditional yet contemporary silhouettes. Since childhood, she had admired her mom’s elegant way of style which is the main source of creative thoughts, and here is her inspiration fabricates.

At her wedding in 2015, her mother gifted her exquisite generations-old gold-zari Rajputi poshak adorned with big peacock motifs with real gold and silver work. She later traced the poshaks into the new fabric and blended it into fusion poshaks. The entire collection is an elegant amalgamation of both traditional and contemporary designs and colors especially hailing from royal Rajasthan.

Aachho’s ethnic collection captures the rich cultural diversity of traditional colors & hand block prints on a single platform by bringing beautiful Indian ethnic and handcrafted products.All the products are meticulously handcrafted and require time and effort.

To maintain the best quality the best raw material available in the market are used. For example – Hand-block/ Hand-Painted fabrics take days/weeks to print, unlike any digital print which can easily be printed within hours. This makes the entire process lengthy and in every step, there is manpower requirement, the cost of such products goes higher than the normal ones. The company ensures to provide the best value to the customer in exchange for a reasonable price.



Check out various amazing designs on instagram and website of Aachho

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