Introducing “BODHI – The Row House in Pune” – A Chic Modern Indian Oasis

Introducing “BODHI – The Row House in Pune” – A Chic Modern Indian Oasis

Interiors by Mili, a renowned luxury interior and architecture design firm, is proud to unveil its latest masterpiece, “BODHI – The Row House in Pune.” Nestled in the charming Baner locality of Pune, this breathtaking holiday home is a commitment to the firm’s unwavering commitment to fashioning spaces that are both timeless and culturally imbued, radiating an enduring sense of refinement.

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Inspired by the client’s nostalgic yearning for a holiday retreat rooted in their heritage, a compelling design concept took shape. A young couple sought to escape the ultra-modern aesthetic of Mumbai and desired a dwelling filled with character and pieces salvaged from their ancestral property. Interiors by Mili took this vision and meticulously handpicked exquisite elements from the client’s ancestral home, cleverly blending them with vibrant colors and patterns to craft a chic modern-Indian haven.

Spanning 1600 square feet of carpet area, “BODHI” primarily focused on interior transformations, with minimal structural changes. The journey through this unique home begins in the living area, seamlessly connected to the semi-open kitchen by an elegant glass partition. Beyond the kitchen, an inviting staff area and a quaint backyard. The masterful design includes a guest bedroom on the right side of the kitchen and, upon ascending the stairs, reveals a spacious master bedroom and another guest bedroom, with a delightful terrace crowning the experience.

“BODHI” stands as a testament to contemporary living while keeping the heritage and tradition intact, perfectly blending with Baner and its rich Bhakti tradition. The infusion of century-old ancestral antique elements adds an opulent touch to this chic modern Indian home, where vibrant colors, dark wood, veneer finishes, and natural stone flooring define its theme.

The color palette is a vibrant symphony, with Jaisalmer stone flooring in bright yellow, living room accents in green and red, soothing peach and pink tones in the guest bedroom, and a master bedroom dominated by deep, luxurious blues. The result is a harmonious fusion of tradition and modernity.

“I refrain from blindly following design trends. My strength lies in skillfully merging enduring styles, ensuring our clients cherish their space even a decade later”, says Principal Architect Mili Savekar, the creative genius behind Interiors by Mili. She expresses her profound attachment to the master bedroom with its captivating backdrop of antique doors and the living room’s captivating feature wall adorned with antique columns.


Project name: “BODHI – The Row House in Pune” – A Chic Modern Indian Oasis

Design firm: Interiors by Mili

Area (in sqft): (carpet) – 1600 ft 

Location: Baner, Pune

Principal Designer/s: Mili Savekar

Design team: Mili Savekar

Photography: Pulkit Sehgal
Styling – Nidhi Tiwari


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