UDC Homes unveils “Memuraa,” art on the wall, through waterproof wallcoverings

UDC Homes unveils “Memuraa,” art on the wall, through waterproof wallcoverings

Memorable wall with a glory story

December 2023, New Delhi: UDC Homes has introduced a latest collection of artistic  wallcoverings “Memuraa”. The company has been at the forefront of innovative decor solutions for the past 25 years. UDC Homes wallpapers completely transform a space, turning a wall into a hand-painted artwork. The artistic collection – Memuraa embarks on an exhilarating venture, weaving a delicate tapestry of art infused with captivating narratives onto bare walls. Embracing international trends, eco-friendly materials, and a fresh perspective on creativity within the wall decor domain, Memuraa aims to transform spaces into delightful and memorable sights for all who behold them. UDC Homes helps realize your dreams of a perfect interior.



The artist and the art hold equal significance for us. We at UDC are committed to supporting and uplifting the community of artists, providing them with a platform to display their talent. UDC is dedicated to embracing globalization, introducing global wall covering trends to India while staying attuned to local requirements such as weather conditions and surroundings.

Driven by a strong aspiration to provide Indian clients with international trends within shorter lead times, UDC has meticulously refined their core ideology, processes, and technological development. Recognizing the significance of understanding the Indian climate and atmospheric conditions, and acknowledging the necessity to deliver value to our clientele, Memuraa crafts products that seamlessly blend style and durability.



After an intensive three-year period of research and development, we have developed a printing process that prioritizes the durability of building materials. This innovative system involves a distinctive fiberglass membrane known for its exterior durability, coupled with stain and fire resistance. This is seamlessly integrated with high-quality artistic graphics, murals, inks, and adhesives.



Speaking on the occasion, Neha Jain, Co-Founder, UDC Homes said “Backed with extensive research and deep understanding, Memuraa is the first company to offer exterior design wall covering manufactured in India, and perfect for the Indian weather conditions”.


With innumerable options in colours, patterns and designs Memuraa wallpapers with its grandeur, royal disposition and festive cheer are apt to serve as the perfect backdrop for your at-home dinners, galas and get-togethers during festive months.

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