Perfect Destination for Designing your Space- PTA Designs

Perfect Destination for Designing your Space- PTA Designs

The profession of interior design has been an outcome of the advancement of civilization and the complex architecture that has resulted from the development of industrial processes. The pursuit of effective use of space, customer’s interest and functional design has contributed to the development of the contemporary interior design as a profession.


Mrs. Priti Tatiya started PTA Designs Pvt. Ltd. In the year 2010. Initially, the start-up was an individual practice with a small team that started in 1996 in city of Bhopal. The company worked in Pune and Mumbai for a few years and then returned to Bhopal in the year 2015.


As a designer Priti never wanted to restrict PTA Designs to specific services. She accept what comes, be it interiors, exteriors, landscape, renovation, refurbishing or redesigning. She does boutique architecture and hence everything is customized as per the client.


According to Priti, the founder of PTA Designs Pvt. Ltd. there is a very thin line of difference between the scope of works of an architect and an interior designer. Her words being, “It surely overlaps each other in some or the other way. In other words you can say that both are extension to each other’s”.

Before starting any project the team goes through every single detail of the client and the site to be transformed, since it is a tailor made solution. Also the designers keep their minds open and not restrict themselves at any point. To enhance their knowledge and broaden their perspective, Priti encourages her team of talented designers to participate in lots of workshops, researchers, experiments and design development.


Team work is the most important thing to make things happen. Speaking about her team, Priti said, “Luckily we have a young and dynamic team. Well, it varies from person to person, where some are really good at designing spaces, some have a really good hold on the material palette and the others help us in implementing those.”

Coordination among the team members is another aspect of working in a team and each and every hand counts to built a masterpiece. “The coordination that our team shows is commendable. They work in a very formulated and organized manner and brings the best out of the work in some or the other way.” Priti further added.

Budget becomes one of the most important aspect when we talk about interior designing. Though it totally depends on the scale and quantum of the work to be done, yet, sometimes it becomes quite challenging to complete the task within the allocated budget. About this Priti said, “There are times when we are constrained by budget and sometimes we don’t have any monitory restrictions. But yes, sometimes we do have challenging sites with a limited budget that actually brings the best out of us. We often try to innovate the design with materials and elements with a minimalist approach.”

For Priti, the journey as the founder and owner of PTA Designs Pvt. Ltd., had been really amazing so far. She spoke about this exciting journey, “We know we have come through a lot and there is definitely a ot more to do. Every successful project inspires and motivates us to do better in the next one, also every project has a learning of its own which we try to implement on our other projects.”


As the owner of PTA Designs Pvt. Ltd., Priti desires to work without boundaries and barriers. She also wish for the company to broaden it’s horizon beyond India tapping the client’s across the globe. By expanding the expertise, Priti intends to provide better services to more and more clients. The company’s aim for this decade is to improve the quality of the work it is currently providing. Parallel to all these future aspirations, Priti is planning to get involved in quality researches; attending more workshops on the national a well as international level,  which will enrich hers and  her team’s knowledge.


Souranshi: Please make us familiar with your background and family?

Priti: I belong from a very supportive and motivating family. My family has played a huge role in whatever I am today. My father was the real pillar of strength. I am a Math Graduate and MA in Economics. Designing was earlier a passion and hobby, that made me do a professional course in Interior Designing. So it is really good to turn your hobby into a profession delivering exceptional design solutions. The team at the design studio is highly experienced in the transformation of the client’s spaces into dream interiors focusing on every minute detail that is required in the process.

Souranshi: How does your background, the place you were brought up at, have influenced your personality?

Priti: I was brought up by the most beautiful and amazing parents. My parents always taught me to dream big and work really hard. They always had my back and stood right next to me always. My dear husband Prashant Tatiya and my loving sons Neel and Megh are supportive as well. None of them ever complained about anything. It feels blessed to have such a strength providing family.

Souranshi: What do you do to keep your knowledge about the latest industry trends up to date?

Priti: The best way to have knowledge about the latest industry trends is to have great hands on experience. Also, the trends with change with time but the soul purpose of anything is same from ages, they are just tweaked and modified with the present time.

Souranshi: Throw some light on the vision and the mission that PTA Designs aims at.

Priti: Right now while entering 2020, we have visualized a vision to expand our business, enrich our knowledge, and improve the quality of our work. We are definitely aiming for national recognition in the field of architecture and interior designing. We also want to elaborate our work field, collaborate with good artists and promote Indian Ethnic and Cultural art forms in various manner.

Souranshi: What is your marketing strategy and what is your approach towards standing above/ among your competitors?

Priti: We never had a marketing strategy nor do we try to stand above any competitors. We always want to focus on the work that we have to deliver, and we try to improve ourselves with every single project. We are our biggest competitors. Although there are some really hardworking people out there and we admire there work a lot. 

Souranshi: Share with us the most exciting and challenging situation your team had ever faced while working on a project?

Priti: Every project excites us. It is really heart-warming when upcoming generations of our existing clients approach us. Recently we were working on Shuddhi – Boutique Salon located in Bandra, Dadar, and Matunga (Mumbai). Dealing with an outstation site is always challenging since we really consider details to be precise and the design implementation to be on point.

Souranshi: The reward, apart from the monetary one, that you feel is the most relishing, once the project is finished?

Priti: The best feeling is to see that the clients are happy and satisfied and they appreciate our hard work and dedication. To see the idea that we had once conceived in our minds, taking shape right in front of our eyes: to bring that dream into reality; converting all those drawings on paper and software into a built mass, these are some out-of-the-world-experiences.  Also, the most relishing one is to see those design, elements, and features being accepted and loved by the client.

Souranshi: What all are the ways that a client can get in touch with your company?

Priti: Things have changed a lot. Earlier it happened to be that our old clients referred us to other people which had actually helped us a lot. Now social media, specially Facebook and Instagram, really helps in showcasing our
work to a wider base and make it visible more people. So, right now we working on both offline and online ways to connect to larger group of people. 

Souranshi : Why shoulda client choose PTA Designs Pvt. Ltd.?

Priti: It may be an inch of an artwork on the curve of the column or it may be the minute corner of the back of a couch, we want the perfect shape, angle and feel. We keep an key eye on everything from the smallest of details to the overall aesthetic of the place. This is the reason why people choose us and we are proud of it.

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