Women Storm at Festival De Cannes 2022

Women Storm at Festival De Cannes 2022

Millions of women and girls are facing security issues for many decades. The violence against women has increased during the pandemic. According to the studies, 1 in 3 women faced physical, sexual, or mental violence to date. Sexual violence, domestic violence, rape, femicide, sexual harassment, violence in an institutional environment, forced marriages, honor killings, female genital mutilation, mob violence, stalking, date abuse, restriction on freedom, cyberbullying, and many more; women face different types of violence every day.

The effect of violence against women showed in the 75th edition of the Cannes Film Festival. Two major protests happens while the event was moving towards a glamorous star-studded festival.

Festival De Cannes (2022) – The Red Carpet Look | Indian Celebrities Look
Nude Protester with 'Stop Raping Us' Painted on Chest Interrupts Red Carpet at Cannes Film Festival
‘Stop Raping Us’ – Nude Protester with ‘Stop Raping Us’ at CANNES 

At Cannes, the first protest takes place on May 20, 2022, when an unidentified woman stripped off on the red carpet at the prestigious film festival. She protested against sexual violence in Ukraine. After the war, Ukraine witnessed an increased rate of violence against women. Many women were raped during and after the war.
She reveals her body painted in the colours of the Ukrainian flag with the words ‘Stop Raping Us’. This was a solo protest that took place on the 3rd day of the festival. Several celebrities were present there when the protest takes place.

The woman could be seen semi-nude, in the videos posted online. She wore underpants with red stains painted on her legs and groins. She painted her bare chest with the blue and yellow colour of the Ukraine flag and ‘Scum’ was written on her back. She shouted ‘Stop raping us’ again and again before being led off by the security guards. Security guards were seen rushing towards her and covered her with a coat.

This protest briefly interrupted the parade of celebrities in their evening wear. Hundreds of rape cases have been reported and sexual assault of small children in the areas captured by Russian troops, confirmed by the Ukrainian President.

Murders of Women – Violence Against Women | Cannes Protest

Another incident takes place on the Cannes Film Festival red carpet. A group of female protesters unfurls a banner to highlight violence against women. The protest happens on May 22, 2022, after a naked woman protested against violence toward women in Ukraine.

On the sixth day, female protestors dressed in black let off smoke grenades. The group hold a banner that featured the name of 129 women who were killed by a man in France in cases of domestic violence. The entire incident took place at the premiere of the competition film ‘Holy Spider’. This film is all about a woman in Iran who tracks down a man who is killing prostitutes. The protestor collective is known as “Les Colleuses”. The film is based on the real-life serial killer Saeed Hanaei, his killings are known as the ‘spider killings’ and he was sentenced to death on 8 April 2002.

Around a group of 12 people went on the stairs of the red carpet before the screening of the film. This security did not attempt to stop the protestors as the activists posed for the photographs and was videoed. The film was directed by the Iranian-born Ali Abbasi.
The protests have grabbed headlines at the festival, which hosts some of the world’s leading filmmakers and actors. Also, these protests have gathered the attention of every human being to stop violence against women.

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