Walnut Studio– Functional Suaveness in Furniture Design | Luxury bespoke furniture

Walnut Studio– Functional Suaveness in Furniture Design | Luxury bespoke furniture

Luxury bespoke furniture in modern design culture embodies the pinnacle of opulence and personalization. At Walnut Studio, it signifies a meticulous process of tailoring designs to meet the unique preferences of each individual client. This personalized approach ensures that every piece of furniture reflects client’s taste, lifestyle, and aesthetic vision.

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Walnut’s Inception Story

The inception of Walnut Studio in January 2021 was marked by the visionary leadership of Kavya Sethi and a team of talented individuals. Their collective expertise, diverse skill sets, and unique design styles from New Delhi fuelled the creative energy that laid the foundation for Walnut Studio’s journey.

Positioned as a sister firm to M/s WOODCRAFT INTERNATIONAL, a distinguished interior design studio with a 30-year legacy in Delhi, Walnut Studio inherited a wealth of experience in crafting luxury homes, practical office spaces, and contemporary retail environments. Kavya Sethi, prior to her role at Walnut Studio, worked on various residential and commercial projects alongside her father, Mr. Rajiv Sethi, at Woodcraft International. Rajiv Sethi’s influence and guidance became a significant source of inspiration for Kavya. Today, they continue to collaborate on numerous projects, preserving the 30-year-old legacy of Woodcraft International.

Choosing Brand’s Symbol

The choice of the Walnut tree as the brand’s symbol holds profound significance, representing intelligence, wisdom, knowledge, and inspiration. This symbolism aligns with the brand’s commitment to thoughtful and intelligent design, with the walnut’s resemblance to the brain reinforcing the pursuit of innovative and mindful creations. Walnut Studio, as a branch of WCI, strives to carry forward Rajiv Sethi’s legacy, goodwill, and hard work.


Transformative Indulgence

Driven by the core belief that good design is essential for a happy life, Walnut Studio underwent a transformative journey, evolving from a pure design studio to a comprehensive furniture manufacturer. The team collaborates with diverse ideas, designs, and craftsmen to produce seamless space solutions, expanding their reach into the hospitality industry, real estate projects, and commercial and co-working spaces.

Demonstrating versatility, Walnut Studio has catered to a broad clientele, from crafting bespoke furniture for palatial bungalows to undertaking boutique hospitality projects. The expansion into furniture manufacturing reflects the brand’s adaptability, supplying contemporary furniture to start-ups and co-working spaces.

Walnut Studio distinguishes itself through its engagement with a wide array of materials, techniques, and thoughtful design details. This commitment ensures the creation of effective, functional, and clean furniture and products. Whether designing for the hospitality industry, real estate projects, or commercial spaces, the Walnut Studio team continues to frame, create, and innovate, embracing creativity as a daily pursuit.


Created by Nature’ Luxury Bespoke Furniture in Modern-Day Design Culture

“Created by Nature” encapsulates Walnut Studio’s commitment to using diverse, high-quality natural materials such as teakwood, oak wood, and white ash wood in crafting furniture. The brand engages with these materials, incorporating nature-inspired techniques to create pieces that are aesthetically pleasing and environmentally conscious. The essence of luxury bespoke furniture lies in the exceptional quality of materials used. These premium materials not only contribute to the luxurious aesthetic but also guarantee durability and longevity.

Furthermore, the modern approach to luxury bespoke furniture emphasizes a seamless fusion of opulence and functionality. Each design is crafted not only to be visually stunning but also to serve a practical purpose in contemporary settings. This integration of form and function creates a harmonious and sophisticated living experience.

Services and beyond

Walnut Studio is a comprehensive design and furniture manufacturing company that covers a broad spectrum of furniture-related services and beyond. The dimensions of furniture-related services offered by the company include:

  1. Bespoke Furniture Design: Walnut Studio specializes in crafting bespoke furniture tailored to the specific needs and preferences of their clients. This includes furniture for residential spaces, commercial establishments, and hospitality projects.
  2. Space Solutions: The company is adept at providing seamless space solutions, ensuring that the furniture complements and enhances the overall design and functionality of the given space. This involves a keen understanding of spatial dynamics and ergonomic considerations.
  3. Real Estate Projects: The company extends its services to real estate projects, contributing to the interior design and furnishing of residential and commercial properties. This includes a diverse range of furniture solutions to suit different project requirements.
  4. Commercial and Co-Working Spaces: Walnut Studio has experience in furnishing commercial spaces and co-working environments. This involves creating furniture that promotes productivity, collaboration, and a modern aesthetic for professional settings.

In addition to furniture-related services, Walnut Studio may also offer the following services:

  1. Design Consultation: The company may provide design consultation services, helping clients conceptualize their ideas and translate them into well-designed spaces.
  2. Manufacturing and Execution: Walnut Studio handles the entire design process, from conceptualization to execution. This includes manufacturing furniture and ensuring the seamless installation of the designed elements.


Partners and collaborators for Production and Supplies.

Kavya dedicates brand’s success to collaborations with skilled craftsmen and reliable partners in production and supplies. These partnerships contribute to the quality, craftsmanship, and uniqueness of the furniture, ensuring each piece meets high standards, with an emphasis on using premium materials like teakwood, oak wood, and white ash wood.

Walnut Studio’s prowess in the furniture industry

Brand’s prowess stems from a holistic approach, overseeing the entire design process from conception to execution. Versatility is showcased in Walnut Studio’s diverse portfolio, covering luxury homes, commercial spaces, and hospitality projects. Staying abreast of industry trends, fostering collaborations, and continuous innovation, using only the finest materials, defines brand’s standing in the furniture industry.







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