Introducing Wriver: Redefining Luxury through Conscious Design

Introducing Wriver: Redefining Luxury through Conscious Design

In February 2024, New Delhi played host to the prestigious India Design 2024 event, where Wriver unveiled its latest collections, setting a new standard for luxury furniture with a focus on sustainability and conscious design. The showcase at India Design 2024 was a testament to Wriver’s commitment to redefining luxury living by seamlessly blending opulence with environmental responsibility.

The highlight of Wriver’s showcase was the launch of its Outdoor Furniture Collection, which invited visitors to immerse themselves in the allure of outdoor living while staying true to the principles of sustainability. Each piece in the collection was artfully crafted to enhance outdoor spaces with a steadfast commitment to durability and style. The furniture harmonized effortlessly with the environment, embodying the core essence of conscious luxury living.


In addition to the Outdoor Collection, Wriver also introduced its Upcycled Furniture Collection, which showcased the brand’s dedication to implementing sustainable practices. By ingeniously transforming discarded materials into exquisite furniture, Wriver demonstrated that luxury and consciousness can seamlessly coexist, creating a living space that reflects mindful consumption and an appreciation for the planet.


The curation at India Design 2024 was not just about furniture; it symbolized a promise to redefine the perception of luxury along with a sense of consciousness and a mindful way of living. Through elegance, durability, and sustainability, Wriver aims to create a narrative that transcends traditional boundaries, offering a lifestyle that reflects a harmonious balance between refined aesthetics and environmental stewardship.

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Sajal Lamba, co-founder and director of Wriver, emphasized the brand’s commitment to collaboration and innovation, stating that “the art of design thinking is both transformative, powerful and most importantly, collaborative.” Wriver’s partnership with various stakeholders, from designers to customers, reflects its dedication to providing products that cater to every unique lifestyle. Each product’s refined elegance reflects Wriver’s journey to constantly push the boundaries of what luxury can embody.


Highlights from Wriver’s Upcycled Collection:

Lithic Shelving Unit: This meticulously crafted shelf embodies rugged charm inspired by natural rock formations, introducing a free-form design that sets it apart. In a conscious luxury approach, sustainable design meets visually captivating, curvilinear form that seamlessly rests on three legs.

Lithic Coffee Table: Crafted from unique and sustainable materials, this table features an abstract composition that mirrors nature’s diverse and captivating forms. Setting it apart with a touch of uniqueness, a robust stone has been seamlessly integrated into one leg, creating a harmonious fusion of artistic expression and functionality.

Lithic Console: Crafted from upcycled materials, this console stands as a symbol of sustainability, seamlessly fusing the beauty of nature with functionality. It invites you to experience the allure of a unique and conscious piece that transcends the ordinary and positively impacts the environment.


Wriver at India Design ID 2024:

The Wriver pavilion at India Design ID 2024 was nuanced in refined elegance and abuzz with visitors. The ground floor showcased an impressive display of interior collections, while the mezzanine floor sparkled with the debut of their outdoor collection and a furniture gallery adorned with its upcycled collection. An experiential material library offered glimpses of the innovative material palette that Wriver offers for its products. Notable was the interactive “build your own chair” challenge, where esteemed architects and designers collaborated under Wriver’s “Inspire to Empower” initiative, accentuating the brand’s commitment to creating contemporary designs.


About Wriver:

Wriver is a high-end luxury furniture brand that synergizes sophisticated artistry and material innovation to deliver unique, innovative, cutting-edge contemporary designs that reimagine interiors. Conceptualized by its four co-founders – Sajal Lamba, Kapil Bharti, Sudhir Verma, and Jitender Singh – Wriver represents ‘Made in India’ and fosters innovation derived from varied sensibilities. The brand amalgamates technological know-how, decades of business acumen, and ingenuity of international standards to energize modern living globally.

Since its inception, Wriver has taken great strides across India and on the global stage. The brand has steadily expanded pan-India by opening up a flagship store in Gurugram and experiential stores in Mumbai, Pune, and Hyderabad. A showroom will be launched in Dubai soon, further solidifying Wriver’s presence on the international stage.


In conclusion, Wriver’s showcase at India Design 2024 was a testament to the brand’s unwavering commitment to redefining luxury through conscious design. By seamlessly blending opulence with sustainability, Wriver has set a new standard for luxury living, offering a lifestyle that reflects a harmonious balance between refined aesthetics and environmental stewardship. As Wriver continues to push boundaries and innovate, it remains dedicated to providing contemporary designs that cater to the diverse sensibilities of modern consumers.

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