Top Dairy Product Manufacturer In India – Govind Milk

Top Dairy Product Manufacturer In India – Govind Milk


Govind Milk was started by Sanjivraje N in 1996 to benefit milk farmers. Over the years, Govind Milk has earned a reputation in the market for producing clean and highly nutritious milk. This reputation has helped the brand in bagging the contract from companies having very stringent quality requirements. 

“We have been in the market for a long time so we understand the urgency of quality products. Our products are 100 % safe. The companies who make highly sensitive products like baby food trust us because of the quality of our milk and our reputation in the market.”, says Mr. Sanjivaraje.

The Journey

As a solution to improve the livelihood of the rural population in Phaltan, a small town in the state of Maharashtra, he started collecting milk at fair prices from dairy farmers and supplying them to urban markets like Pune and Mumbai. The company also tied up with companies like Cadbury who needed good-quality milk at the time.

Gradually, through Govind milk, dairy farming was promoted in Phaltan Taluka on a large scale. Over the years, dairy farming as an occupation has grown multifold and is the biggest industry in terms of revenue for farmers in Phaltan taluka. Govind milk is also one the biggest employers in the region and the product quality is appreciated not only in India but even in countries like UAE, Singapore, Mauritius, Saudi Arabia, Qatar etc.

Value to the farmer and quality to the consumer

At Govind, the company motto, ‘Value to the farmer and quality to the consumer’ is followed very religiously. “While we provide a fair price to the farmer for their milk, we also work with farmers to increase their earning potential by encouraging them to use dairy by-products to make fertilizers, biogas etc. We also promote the low-cost farm model so farmers can earn higher profit.”, Mr. Sanjivraje explains the company motto.

Popular Products

Govind is very popular in the market for traditional dairy products like Ghee, shrikhand, flavoured milk, butter, lassi, buttermilk, and many others products.

However, the company also has several unique product offerings. Different types of milk powders, ready-to-cook powders like Basundi mix, Gulab jamun mix, and kheer mixes, etc are also manufactured at the company. These products allow consumers to make these recipes conveniently at home following a few simple steps.

The brand is one of very few certified organic milk in India and sells a range of organic milk products under a sub-brand ‘Hills and Valleys’.

Well-Nourished Cows and Pure Milk

There is a saying ‘We are what we eat’. This stands true, especially for cows. The farmers are encouraged to use the best quality cattle feed combined with fresh fodder made at the same farm. Well-nourished cows provided with good food,

exercise, and a comfortable environment give the best quality milk.

To ensure the purity of milk and other dairy products, a grass-to-glass model is followed at the company. “We try to monitor everything from the breed of the animal to food, water and general well-being of our animals and our farmers.”, Mr. Sanjivraje says.

GOVIND MILK- ‘The Happy Makers’

The belief that healthy and happy cows give good quality milk allows the brand to supply high-quality milk and milk products, which leads to a happy clientele. The free house farming practice along with the quality nutrition to the cows gives high-quality milk.

“At Govind right from the cows, farmers, BMC owners, distributors, Employees retailers and last but not the least the consumers are happy and that is the reason the brand call itself ‘The Happy makers’.”

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