Six Brands Redefining- Sustainability in Fashion Arena

Sustainability Fashion

Sustainable fashion is a way in which brands create clothing that not only reduces the impact on the environment but is also mindful of the people who work to produce the garments. Put simply, it is fashion that is ethically made and environmentally friendly.

Here are 6 Brands who are promoting Sustainable Fashion 

Sui: Founded in 2016 by Mahima Gujral Wadhwa, the brand Sui was born to improve the perception of conscious clothing; to make it powerful yet green. Each garment in each collection is made with a mindful heart. Promising greenery with each piece manufactured at Sui, the founder encourages awareness about the planet and its people. 

As they quote, “Love yourself and the one’s around you; Care for the air around and the sand beneath you.” The brand emphasizes quality over quantity and wants to be a part of a significant change by encouraging a kinder fashion system. Sui believes and strives for the statement- ‘Nature is our first love, fashion our second – and caring for both is the only way forward.’

Doodlage: With a neat idea to create recycled and eco-friendly garments, the brand came into existence in 2012. Kriti Tula founded the green fashion and lifestyle brand after she realized how wasteful the fashion industry is during her internship at an export house. She started upcycling textile waste, often referred to as kataran in Hindi, to manufacture high-style sustainable clothes. As the brand story suggests, ‘Upcycle factory waste and recycle post-consumer waste and post-cutting scraps into limited-edition collections and new season-less fabrics with the objective of longevity.’ 

The leftover kataran takes the form of accessories like handbags, clutches, and soft furnishing products. The unused fabric left after the process is converted into paper and used for packaging and tags. The key features promoting sustainability include the garments, accessories, and materials manufactured in ethical production units and the plastic-free packaging.

No Nasties: Apurava Kothari, the man behind No Nasties started the brand as a small step to stop the cotton farmers’ suicide crisis and to support the organic cotton farmers. The very first Indian brand to make 100% organic and 100% fairtrade clothing, No Nasties is a bootstrapped company started as a designer community offering organic printed t-shirts. The founder wanted to lead a purpose-driven life. 

Now the brand is a full-fledged fashion brand offering sustainable clothing and promoting the usage of organic cotton, fair factories and fair trade, and vegan clothing. The brand is possibly India’s oldest and most established vegan clothing brand and the first brand to introduce revolutionary recycled packaging where the packaging used to deliver orders is returnable and reusable, powered by Ecovia.

House of Wandering Silk: An Australian wandering calf, a coherent name given by a fortune teller, Katherine, founded the brand with a pre-defined and simply powerful purpose. In 2011, Katherine started Hows to provide fairly waged, dignified, and sustainable working prospects to marginalized women empowering them to attain economic independence and create better lives for themselves, their families, and their communities. 

The brand adheres to its values of authenticity, respect, and beauty. Based in South Delhi, HOWS prides itself in crafting one-of-a-kind, zero-waste & small-batch textiles, clothing & accessories founded on our values of authenticity, respect & beauty. The brand redefines India’s most authentic and traditional textile culture while working with Indian crafters & master artisans, mainly women, providing them an opportunity to work for the fashion house from their home’s safe, comfortable, and happy environment.

Maati by Neha Kabra: The brand stands for organic, sustainable, and slow fashion. Based in Udaipur and founded by Neha Kabra, Maati is an Ethical fashion label devoted to a circular economy and follows practices that ensure minimal environmental impact. 

The garments are manufactured with a conscious vision using handloom khadi fabric, the natural power-loom fabric from wasted cotton yarns colors, natural dyeing and printing colors from plants, trees, and natural resources, minimum water, and no electricity. Put together by local Rajasthani artists, the garments showcase artist’s skills for exquisite craftsmanship. The brand uses 3R’s strategy to make quirky and nature-friendly garments with a vision to minimize fashion waste to zero support local artisans.

Shift: Launched by Nimish Shah, an Alumnus of the London college of fashion, Shift’s rationale resides in the sociocultural perception of the environment and a common approach to sustainability, treating people, the planet, and profit with equal importance. 

Reliable manufacturers deliver organic, fairly traded, and natural fabric. Printing on the fabric follows strict environmental and labor standards. The brands believe in optimizing efficiency and using all the materials and fabric to minimize waste and maximize recycling. Final leftover fabric and the previous season’s fabric wastes produce limited-edition quilts. The garments, designed and manufactured consciously to optimize the impacts of sustainability on the environment, must be protected carefully at the consumer’s end so they can have a long and loved life.