How I Reversed Diabetes with Healthy Eating: Mr. Lakthar Singh’s Story

How I Reversed Diabetes with Healthy Eating: Mr. Lakthar Singh’s Story

A diabetic patience for over 10 years, Mr. Lakthar Singh, Head of Operations & Co Founder of Trekco Ltd, managed to reverse the disease purely by balanced and healthy eating and adapting to rather a health-awakening lifestyle. “We have been trying to voice out and persuading to educate our consumers that by choosing to buy and eating more natural food and drink products you are potentially preventing from developing common diseases related to bad diets,” Mr. Singh says.

The Founder

Mr. Lakthar Singh has been working within the food and drink sector for over 20 years. Having extensive knowledge in the Nutrition and Health area, Mr. Singh is passionate about developing natural food and drink products that would be healthy for consumers not only as a meal but also would aid in improving their lifestyle and health.

Brand Story

Founded in 2019, Trekco’s main goal and vision is to develop products that are environmentally friendly and naturally produced. With the expertise of its founders behind it, the company has come a long way for such a young company.

The purity and natural ways of producing the products is what distinguishes Trecko amidst other manufacturers.  “We have adopted natural ways for product production. We take all possible measures to avoid using any unethical processes like so many other companies and we also price our products such that they are affordable for all consumers to experience,” Mr. Singh asserts.


The Techy-Tracko-Team

Trecko’s team, having a combined experience of 25 years in the industry of sourcing, developing, and producing products benefits the company from all directions. “All of our team members have strong background from the food and drink sector, from product development, quality control, and sales & marketing internationally,” Mr. Singh adds.

Team’s knowledge of marketing services within the FMCG global market leads the company to be the pioneer in the industry. Trekco is staunchly dedicated to environmental responsibility when it comes to the products they work with, partnering with food and drink manufacturers and farmers directly.


Natural Honey

All the Honeys, which is Tracko’s main product, is sourced from the local area in the Greek Central Mountains forestry, all-natural habitat, were the areas has many benefits. To this, Mr Singh adds, “From medicinal flowers, herbs and trees, all our production is handmade. Our collaboration with a Greek family-a fourth generations of beekeepers, and Troy honeys recently been accredited with Organic certification.”

Production Environment

Hygiene is another aspect that the company is rigid about, Mr Singh says, “all our products are prepared by our producers with the strict hygiene guidelines, we thoroughly do expectations and production checks from time to time throughout the year to make sure that all our products are produced in high quality end product finish.”


Supporting Clients

Company’s policy on benefiting its customers is not only restricted to producing natural. The policy is framed to support customers in every possible way. “All customers can order and reach us via the website and for any inquiries. Any dissatisfaction with any products is taken very seriously as we investigate the customer issues, we also offer no questions asked 100% guarantee refund,” Mr. Singh says.

Message from the Founder

The Founder wants to spread a vital message that by choosing Tracko’s medicinal honeys the customers will potentially be improving their health. Mr. Singh discloses his strategy regarding the matter, “to share the word to health-chasers, we have developed brochures that gives vital knowledge and information to consumers-by selecting different types of Trecko’s honeys you can potentially treat your most of your health problems and remain heathy for a longer tenure.”

Trecko’s Success and Future Plans

Trecko is one of the few companies globally that have moulded their production process and only advocated handmade production for all their products.  Trecko religiously and continually invests in the local community and help them in growing and protecting the forestry and plantation of new trees.  

Raw Greek Mountain Honey, one of Tracko’s best products was in awarded with a Gold Medal for the quality of honey by the London International Honey Awards in 2021. Other honey products consist of the Mountain, Pine, Oak, and the most recently added natural Orange & Vitamin C Honey.

As for the future plans for the coming years, the founder wishes to carry on the development of natural products that contain natural, organic ingredients, without chemicals, sweeteners, or additives and to partner with more agriculture entities and farmers who adapt to more traditional way of producing their crops, “we want to be the leading company in the market who cares about how we produce our products,” Mr. Lakthar Singh concludes.


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