Hanging Threads: Designing Statement Pieces

Hanging Threads: Designing Statement Pieces

So much can be changed by the way we dress up. Something wonderful can happen if we take a step towards sustainable living every day. Hanging Threads, a contemporary Indian brand by Riniki Hazra, creates sensible fashion and approachable luxury in line with sustainability. The brand ensures the use of handwoven cotton fabrics in each of its collections as it is beneficial to the environment and preserves the age-old tradition of Indian textile making.

The Brand Story

The brand was founded in 2019 with the social motivation to support the continuity of the glorious art of Indian Handloom fabric making. Riniki sees the label as a socially motivated brand and together with the brand, she aspires to be a catalyst for a big change. She says, “the Indian handloom industry is moving towards a perilous path due to the industrial level of fast fashion trends”. Elaborating further on this Riniki adds, “we aim to be the foremost artisan-based brand, pioneering industry change and sustainability of rural craft livelihood in India”.

The founder, Riniki, doesn’t shy away from going to extra lengths to procure excellent quality and designs.

Since the brand is not driven by only profits, the prices are very reasonable considering the amazing quality of fabric and unseen designs of the outfits.


Timeless collection

Each collection is different from the previous one in one or more ways. While in the previous collection, Riniki experimented with handloom Ikat, hand block and Jamdani fabrics, and trendy Indo-western dresses, the latest collection mainly flaunts Jamdani and Handloom cotton fabrics. Riniki has created some timeless classics incorporating motifs and colours which makes this collection entirely different from what is available in the market.

Every design by Hanging Threads induces an urge to think ethically. The founder believes in sustainably and promotes quality over quantity. “Unlike fast fashion, our collections are out every 6 months with limited quantity.”, she says.

The company builds trustworthy collaborations with rural artisans to source the fabrics and adopts an azo-free dyeing process as azo-dye is harmful to the environment and human health.

The future is full of possibilities

The brand is planning to extend its reach to the international market. “Currently, we are shipping only in India. But we do get asks for shipping abroad. So, the plan is to extend our delivery globally and give our artisans a global market to showcase the crafts.”, Riniki unfolds.

Hanging Threads also wishes to participate in International fashion shows in the coming years to showcase the master craftsmanship of Indian Artisans.

Recently, the scout team of Flying Solo, an agency that conducts Paris and New-York fashion week spotted the brand which inaugurated an unexplored path of opportunities for the brand.

Message to your clients

Riniki has a message for everyone out there. She says, “Our garments are made of sustainable, Earth-friendly materials. Our fabric, design, colour combination and motifs give a unique look to anyone who wears it. Isn’t it the reason enough to choose us?”

Hanging Threads has started a huge revolution towards building a network which revolves around artisans of small villages and the designs are just a means to the idea of ethical living.

Riniki welcomes every handloom admirer to join her to celebrate the art of easy dressing through the label Hanging Threads- dressing that elevates sophistication, grace, and simplicity!!

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