Celebrating 10 years : BAXI ARCHITECTS & ENGINEERS

Celebrating 10 years : BAXI ARCHITECTS & ENGINEERS

“The essence of our way is to address the fundamentally tough & intense programming and offer solutions that balance wit and wisdom.”, says Ar. Baiju Nilesh Baxi, Founding partner, Baxi Architects & Engineers.


Baxi Architects & Engineers is an emerging contemporary architecture, project management & interior design studio. The company directs the focus on the context & constraints transforming the 0pportunity that a project presents into wonderfully designed architecture. Investigating the design and construction at the intersection of craft, performance & technology, the venture represents the gateway of future-forward design in India.

“We like to create designs that maximize the positive impact of design on the environment, use appropriate technologies and materials, and source labor locally. We design spaces in such a manner that it reflects your dynamic personality with our unique and futuristic Designs.”, Ar. Simran Manwani explained the strategy involved in the design process.  She further said, “We seek to define the design determinants by inhabiting and experiencing the needs and requirement of the end-user. Designers from our studio dig deep through research and by physical experience to understand and formulate the design program.”

BAXI ARCHITECTS & ENGINEERS advocate solutions that are intuitive and of equitable use. The processes are flexible, involves low physical effort, work within context and constraint, and communicate ideas visually. Decked up with future-forward concepts, the solutions offered are experimentally satisfying and conform to codes demonstrating environmental sensitivity.

About the Founder

“The firm was basically conceptualized as a One-Stop-Shop.”, Ar. Baiju Baxi narrated the foundation story. He continued saying, “In this fast-paced life of Mumbai, people don’t have time to get into smaller issues of procurement and supervision. One always wants to hire an architect who would do a complete job of procurement and execution along with design.”

Combining his hobbies which includes experimenting with different designs & materials and meeting new people from diverse backgrounds, with his profession, a B.Arch. degree holder licensed architect, Ar. Baiju Baxi along with Ar. Simran Manwani, founded Baxi architects and Engineers.


Client 1


  • Name of client: – 44 THE SALON·        
  • Type of project: – Commercial Work·        
  • Styling: – Contemporary·        
  • Theme: – Modern
  • Area: – 680 Sq. Ft.·        
  • Time Duration: – 1 month 4 days 
  • Approx. Cost: – 40.00 lakh

A cohesive style, whether it is contemporary or traditional, affects each portion and every corner of the space. Right from the color of the walls to the colors of the towels; the style of furniture to the decor style, everything must remain consistent throughout the salon experience.

With around a hundred salons in the immediate locality of Lokhandwala, Mumbai, this project posted a huge challenge in terms of design and aesthetics, not only did the architect has to come up with a space catering to the basic needs of the client, they also had to outshine the others.

The team kept the look simple amalgamating it with a hint of elegance. Usage of material stone-like Satvario came up as the perfect choice, along with other materials like Quartz, Onyx, and metal. Even while choosing the wall texture and the colors, the priority was not to let it overpower the stone material and other décor material.

The choice of the wall color as white created a dramatic and eye-catching effect and breathe life into the salon’s regular atmosphere. The team, in a feat of its own, completed the entire turnkey project in just under a month, rendering great satisfaction to the clients which indeed was a personal victory.

Client 2

  • Name of client: – Mrs. Rita Bipin Singh      
  • Type of project: – 3 BHK Residential      
  • Styling: – Modern      
  • Theme: – Indian Contemporary      
  • Area: – 950sq.ft       
  • Time Duration: -1.5 months
  • Approx. Cost: – 21 lakhs


With the aim to utilize the maximum space available in a way that the storage needs of the clients were taken care of without compromising and disturbing the luxury of the house. Occupying the 20th floor of the multi-storied building, this apartment had no scarcity of natural light and ventilation. The open balconies made the way-in easier for ample natural light and keeping the rooms well-lit and airy. The team of designers at Baxi Architects and engineers also focused on devising artificial lighting accordingly to the different moods of the client.

The living room is spacious and welcoming with a cozy dining space leaving the client as well as their guest owed by the simplistic elegance of the space. The bedrooms have been provided with ample storage along with a lot of movable space. With respect to the client’s choices, soft pastel tones were used in the entire house. A lot of importance was given to different fabrics and honey onyx giving its charm as usual.

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