Driving Her Dreams: Ritika Jatin Ahuja -Founder of Queens Drive Club

Driving Her Dreams: Ritika Jatin Ahuja -Founder of Queens Drive Club

In a world where the roar of supercar engines often symbolizes power and prestige, a remarkable movement is taking shape in India. It’s not just about horsepower, but about empowering women, breaking taboos, and embracing the love for cars. At the heart of this movement is Ritika Jatin Ahuja, the visionary founder of India’s first all-women supercar club – the Queens Drive Club.


The Queens Drive Club is not your typical car enthusiasts’ group. It’s a growing community of over 60 spirited and empowered women from diverse backgrounds who share an unbridled passion for supercars. Their mission goes beyond the asphalt; it’s about shattering stereotypes and rewriting the rules for women in the automotive world.

Leading the charge is Ritika Jatin Ahuja, affectionately known as the “Queen of the Road.” As the Chief Operating Officer of Big Boy Toyz Ltd., one of India’s largest luxury car dealerships, Ritika’s journey has been nothing short of inspiring. She recognized the need to create a space where women could come together, share their love for supercars, and encourage each other to chase their automotive dreams.

The Queens Drive Club is more than just a club; it’s a symbol of luxury, glamour, and empowerment. These women are not just driving cars; they are driving change. With their hands firmly on the wheel, they’re shattering stereotypes and redefining the automotive landscape in India.

Ritika Jatin Ahuja’s commitment to empowerment doesn’t stop at supercars. Recently, she embarked on an exciting collaboration with a Dubai-based brand to launch her own jewelry collection inspired by supercars. The Queens Drive Club Jewelry Collection is a testament to Ritika’s passion for both elegance and horsepower.

Crafted with precision, the Queens Drive Club jewelry collection is a dazzling blend of 925 sterling silver and sparkling Swarovski stones. Each piece radiates a sense of affordable luxury and is red carpet-ready. It’s a celebration of femininity, strength, and the unwavering spirit of these women who are unafraid to pursue their passions.

Ritika’s merchandise is a reflection of her unique identity – one of a kind and truly exceptional. It echoes the spirit of the Queens Drive Club, embodying strength, elegance, and empowerment. You can explore the Queens Drive Club merchandise on their official website: www.queensdriveclub.com.

Follow the Queens Drive Club on social media:

Instagram: @queensdriveclub

Ritika Jatin Ahuja’s Instagram: @ritika_jatin_ahuja

Big Boy Toyz India: @bigboytoyz_india

In conclusion, the Queens Drive Club isn’t just a club; it’s a movement. It’s a reminder that women can be fierce competitors on the racetrack and sophisticated connoisseurs of luxury off it. Through supercars, stunning jewelry, and remarkable merchandise, they’re rewriting the script and leaving their tire marks on the road to empowerment. As the Queens Drive Club continues to grow, so too does its influence in empowering women and breaking barriers in the world of supercars.

So, the next time you hear the roar of a supercar engine in India, remember that it might just be a Queen of the Road, leaving her mark on the world, one exhilarating journey at a time.


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