4 Best Architects and Interior Designers of India to know

4 Best Architects and Interior Designers of India to know

Souranshi Fashion and Lifestyle Magazine have featured 4 talented India’s Architects and Interior Designers in their magazine.

Here we are showing the list of Best Architects and Interior Designers of India that have shown trust in our magazine.

INNERSPACE Architects and Interior Designers

The company’s approach towards design involves four basic concerns:
Understanding the requirements of the clients, Evolution of the design, Integration of design with engineering principles, and lastly, Project management, and its execution.

The team Inner Space prides on their creative edge whilst remaining true to the form, space, balance & function. The talented and best architect and interior designing ranges from the minimalistic, luxurious & contemporary to the classic contemporary.

Best Architectures and Interior Designers
Best Architects and Interior Designers of India

The team can transform any new building or renovate any
space into an award-winning design according to the taste of the client.

The entire team works as one unit and is more like a family to the Director.

“I would not call it a team, these people have been more than a family to me. In-office we don’t follow any hierarchy and we all work as a family. Some are expert in execution, some in design and some in PMC.”, said Mr, Ajay Sharma, Founder, and Director of InnerSpace.


The profession of interior design has been an outcome of the advancement of civilization and the complex architecture that has resulted from the development of industrial processes.

The pursuit of effective use of space Customer’s interest, and functional design has contributed to the development of contemporary interior design as a profession.

As a designer, Priti never wanted to restrict PTA Designs to specific services. She accepts what comes, be it interiors, exteriors, landscape, renovation, refurbishing or redesigning. She does boutique architecture and hence everything is customized as per the client.

According to Priti, the founder of PTA Designs Pvt. Ltd. there is a very thin line of difference between the scope of works of an architect and an interior designer. Her words being, “It surely overlaps each other in some of the other ways. In other words, you can say that both are an extension to each other’s”.

Saachi Marwah Rana Design Studio

Saachi Marwah Rana is an award-winning designer based in Delhi and Dubai. Her artistic roots can be traced back to her childhood.

Having being brought up around the artistic parents, her mother is a National Awardee bronze sculptor and her father had taught her about the interesting handmade finishes and specialization in the Patina finish. She is married to a national cricketer Nitish Rana. 

The services offered by the studio are- Architecture and Interior Designing, Consultancy & Turnkey Projects, Interior Styling, Bespoke Furniture, Customized Lights, Limited Edition Textile, Tugs and Wall coverings.

Lohono Stays By Isprava

Isprava, India’s leading luxury home developer was founded in the year 2013. The foundation of the company was laid in Mumbai, India. In just a few years, Isprava has been fortunate enough to taste the fruit of tremendous success. The company builds homes in Goa, Coonoor, and Alibaug.

The homes are spread across immaculate locations like Goa, Alibaug, Karjat, and Lonavala.

Recently, the company has crossed national boundaries and now is also operating in Bali, Phuket and Koh Samui. At Lohono Stays, the core value that the team religiously believes in is, “Our Customer is King”. 

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