Good ones are not far- 8 things to do when having a bad day

Good ones are not far- 8 things to do when having a bad day

Are you not feeling yourself? Have you lost the zing of the life? Do you feel like staying in your bed and not face the world? Or are you not able to bring yourself to complete the given task? These are all signs of having a bad day. But you are not alone in this quicksand that seems to drown you into an endless void. Everyone goes through rough periods every once a while. Life is not always sweet. Rough patches are part of life and make the life a little interesting. Imagine eating sweets all the time. Naaaahh, right!!!


It could be because of excessive work in office, troubled relationships, bad health, or anything similar. Good news is there are ways to deal with difficult phases and quick tips to make your mood better when you are going through tough time or having a bad day. Read on to find out the helpful tips to uplift your mood. Choose which ever you like and you are all set for a smashing win!!


Acceptance: Things may not always go as you might have planned. It happens with everyone no matter how well organized and perfect planner one is. Let the things go haywire once a while when something is out of your control. Accept the fact that you are after all a human, allow yourself to be the one. Accepting rather than resisting makes things a little bit easier, although it’s easier said than done.  So, stop giving yourself a hard time over the issues that are simply unmanageable at the moment.


Reach Out: When you are going through a troubled phase, try talking to someone who understands you, listens carefully your problem, and fathoms the circumstances that you are in and can give you better solution to your problems. Or simply try reach out to a person, perhaps a close friend or family member to ease your mind. Half of the stress dilutes by having a normal chit-chat with someone close to you. It eases your mind to a great extent and fuels you with new found positivity. You might as well find that you are powerful enough to deal with the situation on your own.


Engage your body and mind: Engaging in a light workout releases the tension and stress building in the body and mind. And when your mind and body are relaxed you experience a surge of whole new energy to deal with the worst of the days.  Do whatever you like, let it be singing, dancing in shower, running, cooking, cleaning, go for shopping, hitting the gym, do any sort of activity just to recharge your momentary slugger self.


Take a break and distract: Yes, it’s another effective way of dealing with momentary trouble that you are facing. Take a deep breath and take a break as well to distract yourself. Remember you are not running from the problems; you are simply asking yourself a little time to deal with the situation. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Taking a break allows you to look at the problem with new perspective. You are able to think clearly and find solutions to your problems if there is any. Sometime you cannot deal with the problem and accepting the same puts your mind to ease. So, next time if ever you have a bad day or find yourself stuck in a problem, simply take a break.

Reminisce your previous win: This is, perhaps not the very first time you are having a big fat bad day. You might have experienced similar situations several time earlier as well. One thing is for sure, nothing is persistent. It’s just a phase and it will pass. Try and remember how you dealt with a bad issue earlier or just remember that you did succeed last time. Give yourself credit for the same and gear up like you always have had done. 


Set small and achievable goals: One of the reasons behind bad days is piled up stress due to seemingly huge unachievable targets. Don’t brood over the final destination rather divide and conquer. Breaking your target into several small achievable goals makes the work easier and reduces the stress and before you know you are already half way there. 


Contemplate your limitations and capabilities: It’s advisable to evaluate yourself and understand what and how much you are capable of achieving. Not everyone is meant to do the same job in a specific way. Everyone has different abilities. Don’t agonize yourself, for a longer time, on the issues that are not meant for you. Learn to let go. This makes the things easier and allows you to think about the things that you are good at doing. Never consider yourself as a looser if you can’t do a task as per other’s requirements because you have your own way of doing it. Believe in yourself to make others believe in you.


Be a helping hand: Now, this is very interesting. How helpful can it be for you to help others? Well, don’t underestimate the power of helping someone in need. It makes you feel important and gives you a sense of immeasurable happiness. An act of kindness changes your perspective positively and for good turning your bad day into a cheerful one.

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