3Co.- Best Collaboration That Delivers Timeless Design Solutions

3Co.- Best Collaboration That Delivers Timeless Design Solutions

3Co believe’s a Design is the art and science of understanding people’s behavior to create functional spaces which reflects the user’s personality.

what is 3Co ?

3Co is a young “design collaborative” between three independently practicing architects who have come together to pool their experiences and strengths in order to create better design experiences for their clients.

3Co ‘s collaborative was established in 2019 by Ar. Viragi Parekh, Ar. VatsalMewada, Ar. ShyamChandarana bringing together their individual aesthetic strengths, cultivated techniques, trailblazing concepts and artistic vision to the table. Together becoming an ocean filled with qualified, dynamic, young and sensitive professionals, the company offers multi-functional spaces high on utility and sensitive to the requirements of the end users. Engaged in doing both Architectural as well as Interior Design Projects, 3Co. enjoy, doing spaces like Holiday Homes, Farm Houses, Stand-alone Architectural projects, Interiors – Residential and commercial, and graphic design. Apart from design, it also undertakes and promotes research and documentation work.


About The Owners

Ar. Viragi Parekh – Viragi Parekh, 27, has a keen interest in observing new spaces, and has developed a distinctive eye for creating new designs and intricate details.

“You only live once, make it worth the living!” believing in this motto she ensures to create her own story by living to the fullest. Her experimental nature leads her to explore different design details and materials in her projects.

Ar. VatsalMewada – VatsalMewada, 29, is an architect by profession who has been working with core design studios and renowned architects. Cultivating his skill sets and with great determination he has carved himself into an entrepreneur.


Having an experience above 4 years in the field, he simply follows the mantra ‘God lies in Details’. Keen learning and self-improvement continues to be his key characteristics while operating on his projects.

Ar. ShaymChandarana- ShyamChandarana, 28, pursued his passion for visual arts with Architecture. Given his background and upbringing, he is basically a curious brain who likes to do thorough research and come up with innovative ideas and details.

Since he started his own independent practice, he has mainly worked on architectural design consultation, interior design and project management.

Language of Lines- A home that rejuvenates and revitalizes

The team 3Co. created spaces using Lines that helped in enhancing the spatial volume and forming areas which showcase every member’s personality giving it a unique character. Endearing towards creating a home where memory resides and allows for nostalgia. Interiors are designed considering family’s growth, needs variation and mindsets evolution, keeping terms of endearment constant.



MUMBAI- Area covered-650 SQ.FT

This apartment catering a family of four, happens to be 2BHK where the architect managed to create a space that looks large and spacious, giving it a feeling of being free spirit. Conceptually, the house has a play of lines which is why it is called “Language of lines”. Material palette is kept really neutral by adding Wood, Veneers, Italian Marble, Cane and warmth is added by colors like Shades of Browns, Mustard, Blues, Greys and keeping White as the Base color.

Entering through the main door which has an angle with vertical grooves, you are welcomed by greens which soothes your eyes. The entry console that happens to be a multi-functional unit which forms a shoe rack at the bottom, a Planter bed on the top and a dining bench on the back. This Planter becomes a cushioned backrest for Dining bench with a stone topdining table having Upholstery with Ikkat prints that adds coziness to the space. Similar Flutes will be seen in the living room in forms of P.O.P groves on walls behind the huge L-shaped grey Sofa and a metal art piece, with an Italian marble, glass and veneer T.V. unit followed by wooden stripes at the end.

Turning these straight lines into different angles it forms a beautiful pattern for the kitchen sliding door which then turns into the kid’s room forming an interesting pattern as wall paneling.


Aqua Blue and peach color add some trend and Vibrance to the room. keeping the room trendy yet simple. The wardrobes are kept plain having veneer finish with a cane backrest and side table that even forms a dresser which hides itself behind the mirror in the paneling with a supercool hanging light made from bulbs. The Peach Curtains and a little book reading corner forms a perfect intimate Space.

Keeping the geometry same and minimalist, wooden vertical and horizontal stripe on the master wardrobe forms inbuilt handles not making them prominent. With sufficient amount of storage, Master bedroom has a high veneer backrest with two brass stripes on either side with inbuilt side tables and wall lights. Trying to keep the feel sophisticated yet homely the colors used are grey on the walls and mustard into Upholstery in form of cushions, bedding and Curtains.

The space has been characterized by creating a layered environment with textures, prints, patterns and colors. A happy mishmash of opposite: ethnic and modern; neutrals and punchy vibrant colors; textured and smooth, and that is what makes it plush and playful.


3Co’s Signature Style and USP

Each project is developed around a specific design concept that is reflected in every element of a project. Taking a brief of user’s current specific behaviour and habits, and setting them into a new better designed space, so they don’t need to adapt to a new space separately, and the newer space has the perks of old and the beauty and function of the new. Being Inclined towards OCD, we try to formulate clean and obstacle free Spaces, designing of bespoke intimate spaces, specific and tailor made- according to client’s preference and ergonomics.

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