How A Designer Turned Into Visual Artist

How A Designer Turned Into Visual Artist

Shruti Vij who was a designer and after turned into visual artist. A short interview by SOURANSHI MAGAZINE to know about her experience in this feild.

1. What was that one moment when you realised that you are inclined towards art and would like to pursue it in the future?

Well, it was never that one moment but art was always a part of me. I used to draw and paint as a child. In my school, fortunately for me, art was taken very seriously. We had at least two hours dedicated to art every week during school hours and sometimes even after school hours. I was mentored by a very good art teacher, which sort of laid the foundation art for me. In my post grad years at NIFT, I was more closely acquainted with art and learnt a lot about styles and works of other artists from across the world. I was always connected with art but started pursuing it full time in early 2000s. It was a gradual progression for me to become a full-time artist.

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2. Tell us about your abstracts and mixed media art work.


I am a visual artist. For me visual appeal, colour and shape define my work. My abstracts are a riot of colour, they represent me and my thoughts. Whenever I paint I disconnect from the outside world and I think that shows on canvas. The common thread that runs through my artworks is their completeness and self-sustainability. I rarely do series, each of my canvases is a story in itself and doesn’t depend on the other. My work also represents joy and optimism. I usually paint when I am in a good mood and that reflects in my work. You look at the artwork and feel joyous.  

3. You have worked as a designer and even as a set designer for a theatre group, how was that experience?

I am primarily an artist, and I see design as just another manifestation of my ideas. Its another medium that’s all, the process may be different but the result is the same. Be it a painting or a set, one is creating something and presenting an idea, that’s what I like about both the jobs.

4. You have been part of many art shows and exhibitions, what is that one thing that you will say draws the attention of the audience towards your art?


Like I said before, the completeness of my artworks. When you look at my work, you should feel joyous. The colour, brightness and patterns are the key elements of my work. I play around with these and try to create wholeness using colour and patterns as props.

5. People say revolution comes from art, in these trying times, how will you say the art and artists can help the society?


Art gives a perspective to life. I believe, in life, hope and faith are the most important anchors that keep us motivated and keep us going. Art gives hope, at least I try to do that with my work. Art is uplifting, at times, it shows a mirror to society. The art on the walls of your home becomes a part of your existence, its an extension of yourself. It makes you happy and fulfilled.

6. Before starting any project, what is the process that you go through?


It’s the usual process, if it’s commissioned work, I talk to the client, understand their requirement and then process that info and incorporate it in my work. The objective is to keep the piece as close to the brief as possible. When I make something from an idea that comes to my mind, it’s continuous process. Sometimes, I can’t stop and paint for hours on end or even if I break that the painting continues in my mind. I can’t stop thinking about it. The process of creating something, is not easy. I get hooked totally, mentally and physically and cant take my mind off it till I finish the painting. Although I enjoy the process, it is very exhausting too.

7. Your art is part of some known art installations, how did that happen? What was your response? And what can we expect in the future?


I am very grateful to Hungarian Cultural Centre, New Delhi, for making me a part of their installation. It is very fulfilling and gratifying indeed. I don’t really know how things will pan out in the future but fingers crossed for the best. I am working on some very exciting assignments which will slowly unravel in months to come. Can’t reveal much because its work in progress.

8. Any advice to a budding artist?


Art is not easy just like any other field. If you want to make a mark, work hard and work consistently. The more you work the better you will get at your craft. Look around, take a moment to absorb the sights and sounds around you and paint away.

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